Recently a new plug-in came out for Gnome, it’s called Gnome Dock.  It looks remarkably like the Mac OSX dock and it has cool physics to go with it too boot!  Check it out at youtube!

If you read the comments, you’ll notice a general theme.  “It’s useless!”  I totally disagree.  While on first inspection it seems pointless to shove your icons around, it’s actually a very cool demo.  Not only does it demonstrate the a simple physics engine, but also the possibility that with XGL and various other eye candy, Linux actually DOES do graphics. 

See, that is the problem.  A lot of people seem to think Linux is command line only with simple GUIs.  This couldn’t be further from the truth!  Looking at the demo, a layman probably couldn’t tell the difference between Gnome and OSX.  Even better, the layman would probably choose this over the new Vista interface.  However, what this demo really shows is that Linux is ready for prime time and it is ready for the desktop, no matter what the Microsoft FUD machine says.

Have you checked out the movie?  What do you think?