“The majority of the world’s population is lazy, Microsoft is easy, Linux is a mystery!”
Vivek, London

Isn’t this the truth? Microsoft is easier than Linux and Linux is truly still a mystery to the average user. The Longhorn Server and Client (Windows Longhorn Server and Windows Vista) will be the most secure Microsoft release to date because Microsoft is doing something it has never done before. They are designing the product with security in mind and that is very powerful.

These next 2-3 years will be very important for Microsoft. Just as IBM became vulnerable in 90’s, Microsoft is vulnerable in the new millennium. Vulnerable does not mean defeated, their software is run by roughly 90 percent of all computers in the entire world but for them to remain dominant, they need huge successes with their future products.

When they sort out security, and make inroads in Windows Media Center, XBOX 360, and going mobile, they will dominate these markets and to the moon. You heard it first at The Hot Button.