“The majority of the world’s population is lazy, Microsoft is easy, Linux is a mystery!”
Vivek, London

Isn’t this the truth? Microsoft is easier than Linux and Linux is truly still a mystery to the average user.

I am sorry but Linux is not easier than Windows. I do not believe either Gnome or KDE is easier to move around than Windows. If you do, you are kidding yourself. There is a real usability issue and everyone knows it. Furthermore, Linux overall lacks standardization. How can you create a community of users when nobody can agree on the standard? Microsoft has built a community and has done it well. 

Just because you do not prefer Linux does not mean you are not educated. Most people do not want to use the command line and there is no reason in this day and age to have to be forced to use it. And if you are new to Linux, and you ask a question, you are berated and made fun of. The community by nature is elitist and rude. I have only met a few people who are genuinely helpful when it comes to learning Linux.

There are too many weird names for things in Linux. THEY DON’T MAKE ANY SENSE. Gimp, Yast, Yum, oh my! It’s insane.

The only relatively easy installation of Linux comes from the commercial distros (Xandros, Linspire, Red Hat, etc). Anything else might make you put your head through a wall.

Don’t even let me get started on trying to install applications. I am tired of having to do a manual installation of an application. This is not the stone age! I do not want to recompile a kernel or edit a file manually. Time is precious.

What are your thoughts?


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