A recent article in

Computer Weekly stated that the quality of application support and browser

plug-in support is hampering users’ enthusiasm for Linux as a desktop operating

system.  Office productivity tools were

deemed the most critical component by 51% of those reviewed, 38% said that

browser plug-in support needs improvement with 10% of those saying this is a severely

inhibiting factor.

I find I can get by with Linux on the desktop, OpenOffice,

Firefox and Thunderbird provide all of the vital functions.  I can even play World of Warcraft using the

brilliant Cedega of Transgaming!  I will agree with the 38% who claimed browser

plug-in support needs work, that’s a very annoying issue when it appears (grrrr

I don’t want to have to reboot in to another OS just so I can read a certain

webpage!).  Application support isn’t too

bad, I guess for the enterprise this is a bigger issue, but may commercially

supported products are available, SunOffice for example; Yes you have to pay

for this, but then businesses shouldn’t expect to get something for

nothing!  This is still a cheaper option

that MS Office + Windows licence.

Any opinions on this topic? 

What are you pet hates with Linux on the desktop?  Do you use Linux desktops in an enterprise

environment?  Let us know!