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The public holidays and mini-conferences are over -- it was time for to move into the schedule proper.

The public holidays and mini-conferences are over -- it was time to move into the conference proper.

Bruce Schneier, international security guru at large, gave a damning opening keynote on security and along the way told the sold out audience that security cost justifications are complete bullshit.

Schneier described the IT security market as a lemon market and drew parallels between it and the used car market. A lemon market is where all the good products are pushed out of the market by bad products that appear to have equivalent feature sets and therefore users default to the cheaper option -- the lemons. This occurs due to an asynchronicity of knowledge between the buyer and seller.

We managed to catch Schneier for a video interview which will appear soon.

Elsewhere, Jonathan Corbet gave an update of the state of the Linux kernel. Of interest were the stats that Corbet gathered. In 2007, over 30,000 changesets were made on the kernel, accounting for 2,000,000 lines that were changed with 750,000 lines being additions.

No one contributor provided more than 2 percent of the changes, but Red Hat provided 11 percent of the changes with IBM at 8 percent and Google at 1 percent. Seventeen percent of all changes were by people with no commercial affiliation and another 10% were of unknown origin whether they were of commercial origin or not.

The day finished off with Gernot Heiser donning the asbestos suit and entering the monolithic versus microkernel debate. Heiser stated that he thought the audience were well behaved considering the subject matter and enjoyed the livery discussion. Gernot will also be appearing in video format soon.

Tomorrow is set to be another big day at Australia's largest open source conference of the year.