That’s one up for water-cooling fanatics fans, it appears that NEC and Hitachi have just announced a partnership focused on the development of a liquid-based cooling system for hard drives.

In case the more level-headed among you folks are shaking your head, it is not so much liquid-cooling for its sake that is the focus of the collaboration here. The objective appears to be to create a much quieter hard drive by wrapping the entire drive in a noise-absorbing material as well as a vibration insulation.

According to Ars Technica, the liquid-cooled hard drive is geared to reduce noise levels to 25 decibels, which is 5 decibels quieter than a whisper.

Obviously, this has the unavoidable side-effect of heating the drive more. It might appear that liquid-cooling might be the only viable option for cooling left. And since water-cooling technology has been around for some time now, extending that to use liquid cooling for the hard drive seems a logical extension.

According to Hitachi and NEC, the cooling plate that they will be using to radiate away the heat collected by the liquid coolant will be the most efficient plate yet.

Just how important is a quieter hard drive to you?