Electronic music has received more than its fair share of criticism over the past decade. Some people argue that “real” music requires band members and musical instruments, not just a synthesizer and a DJ. Personally, I’ve played the guitar since I was 8 yrs old, and so I can appreciate good, old-fashion music. However, I’ve also danced until sunrise at numerous raves and all-night dance parties… it’s been a few years (in fact, my friends gave me grief that I didn’t make it past 1:30 A.M. at the last one I attended), but I still really enjoy listening to wacked-out, synthesized music. The sound possibilities are endless!

This News.com story talks about how DJs are composing music with computers: “Hard-disk jockey turns electricity into music.” Lorin Ashton, aka Bassnectar, discusses what type of software he uses to create electonic music, plus there are video and gallery samples of him at work. “Though he doesn’t create his music live in performances as some musicians do, Lorin works live with customized songs and mixes them in a fluid way for a spontaneous show that some feel is much more involved and engaging than what typical DJs do.”

Even if you’re not into synthesized music, and you think it just sounds like a bunch of noise, you have to appreciate the tech know-how that these DJs have achieved to master their music software.