Live Blog: MIX 07 Keynote

Live blog from the MIX 07 Keynote. Will we see an announcement regarding Silverlight? It certainly appears so.

The punters continue to file in as we wait for the keynote to begin.
"Entertainment" is provided by a band featuring accordians, banjos and saws. For a conference to the future, playing "Hits from the backwoods" circa 1890 makes as much sense as these lyrics. Thankfully my mp3 player is numbing the pain with Trent Reznor.

The usefulness of twitter appears, on a screen to the side are twitters from people attending MIX.
One says "running late, have to run up road". Never felt the need to tell the world my exact movements, especially when I am being tardy.

Twitters appear complimenting the band, I am lost for words.

Fighting the twin ravages of overloaded wireless connectivity and a suspect laptop battery, the crowd awaits the announcement today regarding Silverlight, Microsoft's Flash competitor -- although Microsoft are at pains to remind people that it isn't a competitor of Flash.

"Free massages at noon today" the notice tells the crowd, this is followed by "(no not that kind)". At least they know the audience.

The yokels are gone, things are about to begin.

The Silverlight intro video is over and Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's Chief Software Architect takes the stage

A history lesson of "Web vs PC". AJAX gets a mention as does Win32, waiting for the killer punch Silverlight announcement.

Here comes the news: Silverlight is getting broader. ".NET technology is coming together with Silverlight" is the quote, one question though -- was it ever apart?

A video showing the capabilities of WPF is shown. The crowd goes wild.
Fans of Quartz and Cairo get a sense of deja vu.

All punters have scored themselves a free copy of Expression studio that starts shipping today.

Silverlight Streaming annoucement -- "Open interoperable platform for you to develop services".
This looks like an ActiveX control in a web page, allowing you to embed applications within a browser.

Scott Guthie, general manager developer platform, takes over the show. He will be doing a series of Silverlight demonstrations.

"Silverlight includes a cross-platform version of the .NET framework", by cross platform they mean Windows + OSX but what does this mean for Mono?

Silverlight can do up to 720p HD quality video. Your ISP will thank you for your excessive 720p streaming every month. Users with anything less than a fat pipe of bandwidth need not apply.
Silverlight also has a TCO angle -- surprise, surprise.

An early Silverlight adopter is demonstrating their Silverlight video player. Good thing the demo IP begins with "192." -- look at that "awesome" speed [/sarcasm]
The player was built in three weeks from XAML, not a bad turnaround.

Our next demo is running out of the filesystem. Boy those videos load quick!! [/yet more sarcasm]

Expression Studio has just crashed. You knew it would happen at some point.

Media Encoder Preview allows you to have a swipe bar to compare the "original" and "encoded" video. Nice for wow factor.

As the demo for the designer tools continues, the man beside me has fallen asleep.
He misses the ending wow moment as a video falls to pieces and keeps playing.

Next presenter is Jonathon Leess, president and general manager of CBS Digital Media. He is speaking about their user generated content strategy, with Silverlight of course.

A lot of what has been shown from CBS looks like a Flex app.

Silverlight Streaming allows developers to upload any number of 10 minute videos up to 4GBs worths.

Features of .NET in a browser:
- Multi language support
- Browser CLR is same as desktop CLR, high performance claims over Javascript
- mini-WPF library available
- DOM integration
- Built in networking stack
- LINQ API included

Demonstration of installing the plugin on an XP machine.
See "Scott's Chess App" inside Silverlight API for your dose of a Javascript bagging game.

Demo of debugging on a Mac from within Visual Studio on a Windows machine. Guthie says "In case you don't realise it, this was really hard to do".

Despite an impressive demo of a rich Silverlight application, the natives are getting restless.

Silverlight based video editting application delivered in less than 50k. Not bad at all.

IronRuby is now part of .NET -- demonstration of a Lighttpd server on a Mac with Ruby serving Silverlight content.

Impressive demonstration of's new gameday live baseball application. Featuring video on video, chat to friends, widgets in the media player -- and it works on a mobile phone as well.

Silverlight 1.0 should be out "Summer '07", that's northern hemisphere summer.

That's it folks!