Ok… so we’re in Month

2 now of the Lenovo Thinkpad X41 Tablet PC trial and I thought I’d get you up

to speed about how it’s going. 

Personally, when they first came out, I thought of Tablet PCs as being

nothing but big gimmicks. I wasn’t convinced by what I read about them that

they were usable, let alone worth the extra money you’d spend for one over a

standard laptop. I can’t really say that any more.

With the reversible

lid, going between the pen and the keyboard is a snap. You don’t even

need to

rotate the on-screen image. As soon as you flip it around, the screen


automatically from landscape to portrait and back again. The


recognition is amazing. Sometimes, it even reads my writing when I

can’t.  The  portrait  view on the Thinkpad  makes

viewing  Web pages , Word  documents and everything  a

lot easier.

I initially had some

speed problems with the unit. It’s still sluggish at times, but most of that I

attribute to the Norton Anti-virus that came with the unit. It seems like

Norton slows down every machine I’ve ever used, but it’s better than no virus

protection at all.

I use FireFox as my main  Web browser, and was

surprised to discover that the Tablet Input Panel – the little 

pop-up that appears to allow you to  handwrite  data rather

than type it  in –  didn’t work properly.  

Sometimes when you went to enter data into a field, it would pop-up,

other times it wouldn’t.   This wasnt’t a problem with the

ThinkPad at all though.  It’s a known issue of Firefox in a Tablet

PC environment.   Doing a little bit of digging, I

finally  found a solution.

The Lenovo has now become

my standard portable. I had a trusty HP Omnibook, but that’s now gathering dust

– well until I have to return the ThinkPad that is. I’ll keep you up to date on