Let’s say your boss asks you to create a report that lists
the names of all donors who made contributions of more than $1,000 this year.
Your gut tells that there is a query that already lists this information from
the Donor Contribution table in your Donors database. However, you’re unsure
about how to go about finding the report.

With previous versions of Microsoft Access, you would have
to look through all the query and report objects in the database window to find
out whether such a query and a report exist. With Access 2003, you can have
Access determine whether a query or report has already been created from, in
this instance, the Donor Contribution table. Follow these steps:

  1. Open
    the Donors database and select the Donor Contribution table in the database
  2. Go to
    View | Object Dependencies.
  3. In the
    task pane, ensure that Objects That Depend On Me Is Selected.

The task pane will now list the names of all objects derived
from the table. If you see a query or report listed, you can click on its name
in the task pane to open it in Design View to see if it meets your needs.

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