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International Data Corporation predicts that through 2004, firewall appliance revenues will grow at 51 percent, compounded annually to more than $1.4 billion.

With so much being invested, it’s obvious that IT buyers are realizing the importance of the firewall as an organization’s first line of defense against unauthorized network access. If you’re advising clients on security issues, you’ll need to know how firewalls work, how to set them up, and how to maintain them.

We’ve gathered some of TechRepublic’s best resources on firewalls. Check out the latest news and tutorials to get yourself up-to-speed so that you can better serve your network-security clients.

Our greatest firewall hits
These are some of TechRepublic’s most popular articles on firewalls:
  • "Understanding firewalls": In this article, TechRepublic editor John Sheesley explains how a firewall works to protect a network, why you would want to use one, and the different types of firewalls. The article also covers a firewall's limitations in protecting data.
  • "Making the right choice between software and hardware firewalls": TechRepublic’s Ed Engelking, II A+, outlines some of the key benefits of both the hardware and software firewall technologies.
  • "Configuring VPN connections with firewalls": While the process of setting up connections for a virtual private network has been greatly enhanced, configuring VPN connections to pass through firewalls, proxy servers, and routers continues to present many problems for network administrators. This article will help you to better understand where your VPN connection could be running into snags.
  • "Firewalls: Perspective": This download from Gartner Research gives a detailed examination of firewall designs and functionality and statistics on their use in the enterprise. Also included are a list of the benefits and drawbacks of firewalls, a price breakdown of the technology, and an explanation of the three main types of firewall technology: packet filtering, application proxy, and stateful inspection.

Learn more from our Research Index
If you’re looking for more in-depth analysis and information about firewalls, check out TechRepublic’s Research Index for case studies, white papers, and how-tos. Here are some recent reports.
  • "Firewalls and Their Limitations": This report from UK-based Insight Consulting—provider of information and communications security, business continuity, and risk management services—demonstrates that organizations must recognize the need for security measures to protect their data. While firewalls act as a “perimeter defense,” they do not guarantee the security of the corporate network. The report offers sample security policy and procedures to protect an entire IT infrastructure from abuse from both inside and outside the organization.
  • "Auditing Your Firewall Setup": From RCN Corporation—a facilities-based provider of bundled local and long-distance phone, cable television, and high-speed Internet services—this report explains how to determine whether a firewall has been implemented properly. Will your firewalls keep the barbarians out there at bay? Does it meet your expectations? Examples provided are based on Check Point FireWall-1 but should apply to most firewalls.
Do you advise your clients on firewalls? What do they need to know about firewalls and their limitations in order to adequately protect their networks? Post a comment below or send us a note.

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