Google recently announced new iOS Gmail and Google Calendar updates that could help enterprise users work more quickly and effectively, the company said. It marks the biggest update to the apps in nearly four years, according to Google product manager Matthew Izatt, who wrote a blog post on Monday explaining the new updates.

The Gmail update includes “a fresh new look, sleeker transitions and some highly-requested features,” Izatt said in the post. It also will run faster than in the past, he said.

“With the new app, getting things done on the go is a lot easier–whether you’re trying to find a message your colleague sent you last month, or trying to get through your work inbox on a Monday morning,” Izatt wrote.

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According to the blog post, Gmail app users on iOS can now:

  • Undo Send, just like you do on the desktop, to prevent embarrassing email mistakes
  • Search faster with instant results and spelling suggestions (like when you type “flighht,” but you really meant “flight”)
  • Swipe to archive or delete, to quickly clear items out of your inbox

The company also updated Google Calendar, which the post says includes the following new features developed based on user feedback:

  • Month and week view in landscape, so you have even more ways to see your schedule at a glance
  • Spotlight Search support, so you can search for events, Reminders and Goals in Apple’s Spotlight Search and find what you’re looking for faster
  • Alternate calendars. If you often look up dates in a non-Gregorian calendar–like Lunar, Islamic, or Hindu–you can now add that calendar to easily see those dates alongside your current calendar

The updates to Gmail and Google Calendar further Google’s push to appeal to enterprise users. The company has also recently made investments in hardware, with the Google Pixel phone and the Jamboard digital whiteboard for conference rooms.

However, Google still has hurdles to overcome before it is a top enterprise choice for hardware. We recently polled the TechRepublic CIO Jury panel of tech leaders, asking “Would you trust Google hardware in the enterprise?” Seven of our IT executive panelists said no, while five said yes.

Google said it will continue to improve both Gmail and Calendar for iOS in the future.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Google recently announced the first significant updates to Gmail and Google Calendar for iOS in four years, available now.
  2. The updates for Gmail include an Undo Send option and faster search capabilities, while Google Calendar now offers Spotlight Search support and alternate calendars.
  3. These updates further Google’s efforts to be useful to business users, along with recent enterprise hardware and software offerings.