After what seems to be an eternity, Microsoft is about to

put its next operating system out for beta.

Perhaps I am becoming jaded but the operating system releases from

Microsoft over the years have been more of a relieving of pain from the last

one, rather than excitement over new features.

In this preview:,1895,1840730,00.asp you will see that Microsoft has gotten a

clue from Unix/Linux and users will no longer run under accounts with

administrator privileges. Additionally,

they are introducing tabbed browsing in IE 7, another take from an existing product

(Firefox for one). Obviously there are more

changes than these so you need to take a look.

Why do I say need?

Well despite statements like this from the article linked above,


“It’s too

early to see how Vista measures up against competitive operating systems, but a

lot of the more visible features are familiar. Apple’s Mac OS X

“Tiger” already has many 3D visual effects and a search interface,

Spotlight. Unix has had usable limited-rights accounts for years. But Vista’s

biggest competitor probably isn’t any of these—it’s previous versions of

Windows. Microsoft needs to make these features more mainstream and make them

attractive to developers, while still retaining compatibility with previous


– we all know that

there is really no competition for the OS and your “enterprise licensing

agreement” will help make sure you make the transition to the OS when it comes


Actually, there is competition, but it takes a lot of courage to switch an organization to a

new OS. I believe it can be done and

I’ll share my thoughts on how in the near future.

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