This week you may have noticed a few changes to Tech Sanity Check, so I thought it would be worth doing a quick post to make it clear what’s changing and why. The good news is that you’ll get a lot more of the most popular stuff.

First of all, you’ll notice that there are more posts. While there used to be 2-3 posts per week, there are now going to be 5-10 posts per week (or 1-2 posts per day). There’s also going to be a lot less multimedia content and lot more traditional articles, blog posts, and editorials.

You’ll get LESS of this

You’ll get MORE of this

  • News and analysis – TechRepublic is not a news site. We leave most of the news reporting to our sister site ZDNet. However, my Tech Sanity Check blog discusses more news stories than the other TechRepublic blogs, mostly to provide commentary on current events and help decipher what those events mean for IT departments. That’s where the “sanity check” part comes in.
  • Product reviews – I’m going to be doing a regular stream of quick-hitting product reviews, focusing mostly on software and mobile devices (laptops and smartphones) that are the tools du jour in today’s business environment.
  • Photo galleries – As mentioned above, I’m going to be including more product photos and screenshots with my reviews. I’ll also be looking for other opportunities to share IT-related photos from trade shows and in relation to news stories. Based on the traffic numbers, you TechRepublic members tell us over and over again how much you enjoy flipping through photos, so we’re going to work on giving you more and better galleries.
  • CIO Jury – A popular new feature that we launched last year was TechRepublic’s CIO Jury, based on a similar concept from our friends across the Atlantic at We’re going to increase the frequency of CIO Jury posts to twice a month.
  • Polls – One of TechRepublic’s most popular interactive features remains the good old poll question. We regularly have polls that get over 1,000 responses and we’ve had several that have gotten over 10,000. Those kinds of numbers are standard procedure on mass media sites like CNN and CBS News, but on a niche community like TechRepublic that is a staggering level of participation. As such, I’m going to be posting more stand-alone poll questions and more quick polls at the end of articles.

The bottom line is that most of you will get a lot more of the stuff you’ve told me you like, either through your comments or your mouse-clicks.

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