Look out for this Exchange 2003 deployment issue

Here's why you should look out for this Exchange 2003 deployment issue.

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Microsoft has packaged the Exchange 2003 deployment tools so well that it may appear the Exchange 2003 installation is as easy as the one for Microsoft Office 2003. But it's not quite that simple. While the deployment tools make it easier to set up Exchange 2003, some aspects of the deployment require time and patience.

For example, postings in newsgroups have cropped up about the following error in ExDeploy.log, a log file built by the Exchange 2003 deployment tools.

- Policy Check (PolCheck)...

Warning: Possible error string '!!! Right NOT found !!!'
detected in policytest output.
Error: PolCheck found a problem with permissions given to
Exchange Server 2003 computers in your Active Directory.

At first glance, it appears that either the forestprep or domainprep didn't work completely. But don't panic: Instead, check out exdeploy-polcheck.log, which can offer clues to the nature of the problem. You should see something like the following:

Local domain is "CORP.IN" (CORP)
Account is "CORP\Exchange Enterprise Servers"
  DC      = "TAURUS"
  In site = "Home"
  !!! Right NOT found !!!
  DC      = "XENA"
  In site = "Remote"
  !!! Right NOT found !!!
  DC      = "CYCLOPS"
  In site = "Remote"
  Right found:  "SeSecurityPrivilege"

Note that one of the domain controllers has the SeSecurityPrivilege right, while the others don't. In most cases, this means that the tests ran too soon after forestprep and domainprep completed and that replication of the Active Directory wasn't complete.

In other words, wait a while, and then rerun the tests. In most cases, everything will work if you're patient and give the directory a chance to replicate.

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