I won’t normally use this blog

as a job board but I need some help and I would like to make sure I get

someone good. And if you read this blog, you must be good! 😉

Are you a hard-core PL/SQL developer? Are you great with complex SQL? Do you know XMLType and the XML APIs inside and out? Do you want to work in sunny Bradenton, Florida?


don’t yet have rates or anything but the approvals are coming. At this

time, I cannot say what this will pay. I just don’t know at the moment.

I’m designing an interface for a business intelligence application. We’re running on a fairly large, fairly

complex data warehouse. It’s not the biggest I’ve worked with, nor the

largest, but it provides plenty of challenges.

I need to finish

by the end of the year. And that means I need a hard core PL/SQL

developer who is also very comfortable with XML. I would prefer someone

who is comfortable with SQL Analytics but if you are good with SQL, you

can pick up the analytics and if I have to, I can write the complex

queries. I’m more concerned with the person knowing PL/SQL and XML

inside and out.

It’s looking like a 3-4 month contract. It is

NOT a perm position at this time but if you work out well, I will try

to make it so. Doesn’t mean it will happen, just that I can try. I

personally feel that this is a position that should be perm but I’m not

the guy that gets to make that decision.

This is also an on-site position. No tele-commuting. This position will report to the development manager.


if you have these skills and live in or around, or would like to live

in, Bradenton, Florida; send me an email and your resume. I will

respond to all (I hate when people don’t respond. That is so rude.).

Please put “DEV RESUME” in your subject so that your email doesn’t get

eaten by the spam monkey. If you don’t hear from me after a few days, assume that the spam monkey ate it and try again.

My email is lewisc and the host is rocketmail dot com.


we also need a really good C# developer that has Oracle experience. If

you have deep, n-tier C# on Oracle experience, you can send me your

resume for that, I can pass it on to the appropriate people. 5-years of

OO and .Net are required.