My initial reaction when I saw the story, “Walking, talking tech toys for the holidays,” wasn’t good. I let out an unusually heavy sigh, swiveled in my chair, and shuffled my feet around until my head stopped spinning. As the mother of a very tech-savvy 9-year-old son, holidays can be extremely expensive. It’s the thought, not the cost of the gift that counts, right? Yeahhhh….

So, even though I didn’t want to think about holiday shopping in the beginning of September, my curiosity got the best of me. What kind of gadgets and gizmos are they creating now?

The first toy I came across in the article was “an updated Furby.” Oh, the torture!! The “old” Furby lasted about one week in my house, and then he conveniently fell into a permanent sleep mode (it’s called, REMOVING THE BATTERIES WHEN THE CHILD IS NOT LOOKING). Some time after that, Furby must have ran away – or slept walked out of the house – and never returned. 

Ok, there are some cool techie toys that were mentioned later in the article, such as mechanical creatures that double for MP3 player speakers.

Read the story, and find out what other high-tech toys will debut this holiday season: