Loupedeck+ console continues to prove its worth in the creative space

Originally designed to be a Lightroom photo editing console, Loupedeck slowly integrates into even more creative apps.

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Finnish company Loupedeck continues to prove me wrong when just two years ago I doubted its product's value. When Loupedeck introduced its console, it wanted to show photographers a faster and more efficient way to edit photos. . .with Adobe Lightroom. That's right. A device that cost more than $200 that you could only use with Lightroom just didn't earn my trust.

Then last year, the company announced upgraded hardware (Loupedeck+), integration with other photo editing apps such as Capture One, Photoshop and also integration with Adobe Premiere Pro for video color grading. That's when I decided the Loupedeck was worth its pricing and fit nicely in the creative workflow.

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Now there's even more news. The latest Loupedeck+ integration is updated, yet again. This time there's support for Final Cut Pro and Adobe Audition.

Final Cut Pro support

It's no secret that MacOS content creators, specifically for video, have a love-hate relationship with Adobe Premiere Pro as it compares to the performance offered in Final Cut Pro (FCP). Now the Loupedeck+ console is compatible with the video editing option from Apple. Like with the support offered for Premiere Pro, you get intuitive functionality to help make color grading footage more efficient as well. Other features include:

  • Export/import customization
  • Leverage flexible timeline navigation, content trimming, and clip adjustment
  • Have the option to customize console buttons to preferred Final Cut Pro

Adobe Audition support

Image: Ant Pruitt

Audition is Adobe's audio authoring and editing software popular with musicians and videographers. It's extremely powerful in handling your creative audio needs. The interface includes a myriad of menus, sub-menus, buttons, and switches. Depending on the window you're in, Audition looks like a mixing board on your computer screen. As I think about it, I could see the buttons and dials on the Loupedeck+ integrating rather smoothly with Audition. In addition to making the workflow of Audition more efficient the updated software features include:

  • The ability to create analogous use with digital project
  • Create and manage single track and multitrack projects
  • Use of all edit tools including trim and nudge
  • Use volume adjustments for all channels
  • Add Fades and Effects to projects

Looks like the Loupedeck+ console continues to prove its worth in the creative space. Going beyond editing photos in Lightroom is a great way to attract other creative artist. I didn't think much of the Loupedeck originally but found the Premiere Pro integration outstanding. I could use all of the usual keyboard shortcuts to navigate my project timeline and footage. I found the analog capability to adjust footage color via the color wheels in the Lumetri panel to be precise and efficient.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time testing it for video editing. I can see these additional updates being just another feather in Loupedeck's hat as it aims to give creatives yet another effective tool. You can get the Loupedeck+ online for $249.

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