Finnish company Loupedeck, reached out to me last year to demo its product. The company aimed to make photo editing for Lightroom users a much more efficient and enjoyable experience so it created a console specifically designed for the app. They called it the Loupedeck. I shared my experience with TechRepublic readers and in the end, I thought the device was nice, but not necessarily for my style of editing.

Now, the Loupedeck+ has been released touting better performance and more configuration options. But that’s not the biggest news. Loupedeck+ is also compatible with the Aurora HDR application, Premiere Pro and Capture One. Note: Capture One support is currently in beta.

An analog feel for your digital editing

Like the original Loupedeck console, the device has knobs and wheels designed to give a more tactile experience when navigating through all of the adjustment sliders within Adobe Lightroom. That’s fine and well, but I don’t know if it’s a perfect fit for my type of photo editing. I rely heavily on the adjustment brush and the pressure-sensitivity of it when paired with a Wacom stylus. Granted, the Loupedeck+ allows you to program buttons on it to be used with the different adjustment brushes, but I prefer the stylus for my workflow.

However, the integration with Premiere Pro fascinates me. When I’m not writing or shooting/editing photos, I’m usually shooting/editing some type of video. Any tool offered to me is worth a look, as video editing is a slower (and more tedious) process for me. The Logitech Craft keyboard was an option for use with Premiere Pro, but at the time of my product review, the user experience was buggy.

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Stay tuned

The Loupedeck+ has just been delivered to me, so I can’t fairly assess the device’s performance just yet. The design of the Loupedeck+ is very similar to the original with the button arrangement slightly shifted and color coded a little more. It’s still roughly the size of a standard keyboard and just as light. Build quality is average as it’s a plastic device, which definitely feels like a plastic console on your desk. The current price tag is $229 with free shipping.

The Premiere Pro workflow is highly efficient once you incorporate keyboard shortcuts. I like the idea of having knobs and slider wheels available to help make video editing much faster.

Loupedeck+ you have potential. But only time will tell. I’ll spend more time with the console and see just how well it works in my creative endeavors. Stay tuned.