As noted in today’s Geek Trivia,

this is the 36th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. In

commemoration of the event, Google maps has gone lunar, giving you Google Moon.

Is it useful? Maybe not. Is it cool? I think so, but I’m a geek. Is it

further proof that Google is the coolest tech company in the universe?


Also, for even further proof that Google is either committed to its jokes or

brazenly optimistic (possibly both), I bring you this quote for the

Google Moon FAQ:

“Is Google Moon a result of your Copernicus initiative?

“Glad you asked, and yes, the development of our lunar

hosting and research center continues apace. We usually don’t announce future products in advance, but in this case, yes, we

can confirm that on July 20th, 2069, in honor of the 100th anniversary of mankind’s first manned

lunar landing, Google will fully integrate Google Local search capabilities into Google Moon, which will

allow our users to quickly find lunar business addresses, numbers and hours of operation, among other

valuable forms of Moon-oriented local information.”