With Mac OS X now being shipped with Sun’s J2SE, Apple is keen to point-out that Macs are no longer just for graphics enthusiasts and Web designers, but are also geared towards developers who are looking to deploy Java-based applications.

Discussed at Borland’s Borcon developer conference in Sydney today, few attendees admitted to using Mac OS X for technology development. Apple’s Java “evangelist”, Alan Samuel, was selling the Mac OS X as the -ultimate environment for developing and deploying using Java 2-based technology.”

Alan said that -Integration was the key” as he believes that the Mac development environment was faster, uses less memory, has better integration with the desktop and allows for high quality aesthetics.

Based on Darwin – the UNIX open source project which claims to have more than 100,000 contributing developers – Mac OS X is said by Alan to be -fully functional for developers but so easy your Mum can still use it”.

Does this mean that PC and Linux OS users will be rushing to buy a new Mac for their future developments? What do you think of using MAC OS X for developing your applications? Tell us what you think by e-mailing us at ZDNet Australia