Macromedia this week launched a new Web site to give developers access to their early alpha software and works in process.

Macromedia Labs is an attempt by the company to be more transparent to software developers, and allow users to provide feedback on products before they are shipped. Macromedia also hope it will drive more users to their next generation of development tools and server software to build rich internet applications.

The new Web site will feature free downloads, technical tutorials and articles, wikis, and code examples. While the alpha software is free to download the licences forbid deployment of the technologies in a commercial environment.

As expected, Macromedia has released an alpha release of Macromedia Flex Builder 2 and Flash Player 8.5 as the debut downloads on the Web site. Other early access technologies are expected by the company including Flex Enterprise
Services 2 and more experimental technology from Macromedia’s engineering team.

Developers will first need to register with Macromedia before accessing the alpha software on the Web site.