High-tech consultants often forget to use technology to help with tedious office duties like filling out time sheets, but it’s a great way to add efficiency to repeated tasks. If you or your clients are still writing out hours on paper, or basically reinventing the wheel each week, you may benefit from this downloadable time sheet, which was created in Microsoft Excel. The time sheet expedites the record-keeping process with formulas that calculate regular and overtime pay based on the rates you insert. One of the time sheet’s macros will automatically insert the next pay-period dates while leaving the hours worked from the previous week in place. This trick will save time if you or your employees work on a regular schedule—you won’t have to reinsert those times.

Download this practical time sheet today, and you could fill out your next time sheet, calculate your earnings, and print it with just a few simple clicks.

Other tools to manage your time
TechRepublic has several tools on the site to help you manage billable hours. Last summer, the Support Republic featured another sample Excel time sheet submitted by a TechRepublic member. For a more detailed breakout, you can download our spreadsheet for project management, submitted by TechRepublic contributor and IT consultant Mike Sisco.

Finally, IT Consultant Republic has a pair of spreadsheets designed for independent contractors and submitted by two TechRepublic members.

About the creator
Freelance software tutor and consultant Thomas Cole created the spreadsheet when he noticed employees at a client site filling out time sheets manually. He’d seen several companies using similar “do-nothing” time sheets, he said, so he produced this form.

The best thing about his form, Cole said, is that “one can move forward or backward ad infinitum.” There are no constraints on the dates the macro fills in on the sheet.

Cole has six years of experience as a one-on-one instructor and facilitator in homes, schools, and offices. He runs his business, ColesTips, in Pickering, Ontario Canada.

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