Web Access 2003
, when used with Internet Explorer, is an outstanding,
feature rich e-mail client, delivering much of the functionality of the full
Outlook 2003 client. Outlook Web Access (OWA) offers a Web-based interface to
Exchange so that users can access their e-mail remotely without having to install
the full “fat client,” Microsoft Outlook. One of the nice things
about OWA is that it is also suitable for non-Windows clients.

For some companies, Outlook Web Access may provide enough
functionality for most users. However, it has a couple of drawbacks: the main
one being that it’s difficult to make Outlook Web Access your default mail
client unless you use a third-party product that can map mailto: and email
links to Outlook Web Access instead of Outlook or Outlook Express.

One such product, ActiveSend
from Messageware, integrates OWA into your system as
its default mail client, for both application access and for mailto web links. ActiveSend works with OWA in Exchange 2000 and Exchange
2003. On the client-side, ActiveSend requires
Internet Explorer 5 or better. Users who use OWA as their e-mail client are
able to send documents from within applications, and they can utilize embedded
e-mail links to create new OWA messages.

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