IT departments have to be nimble, respond to unexpected developments and adapt to new technologies. While it’s crucial to keep up with the pace of change, it’s also vital to have a strong foundation of best practices in place at your company. Covering the basics will head off problems and provide a ready answer to questions from new employees, or a refresher for tenured employees. Establishing clear expectations also can provide some insurance when things go wrong.

Having basic policies in place can save time as well. As new employees join a company virtually, it will be crucial to have electronic resources in place. Video conferences can substitute for a face-to-face conversation to explain a company’s standard software set up, but IT team members should follow up with a formal policy reinforcing these conversations. 

Basic documentation is also a lifesaver when a user runs into problems such as losing data. A step-by-step instruction set can introduce calm to a stressful situation. It also saves an IT team member from repeating the same information over and over again. 

These three TechRepublic Premium policies will help you update older documents or put in place new rules.

Software usage policy

Protecting the organization’s computers, systems, data, and communications from unauthorized access and guarding against data loss is of paramount importance. Following a clear and comprehensive Software Usage Policy serves a critical role in that process.

Resource and data recovery policy

Even if company information is kept entirely in-house, all employees should be familiar with the processes for recovering information if it becomes lost, inaccessible, or compromised. Companies that use cloud services should be aware of proper guidelines to follow if an agreement with an outside vendor providing access to data is being canceled. This Resource and data recovery policy will set expectations for both situations.

Virtualization policy

It’s important to have a virtualization policy in place. As companies come to rely more and more on the cloud to spin up resources quickly, strong policies will keep these implementations secure and correctly provisioned.

This Virtualization policy from TechRepublic Premium provides guidelines for implementing and maintaining a successful virtualization environment in an organization. It defines responsibilities for both end users and the IT department to ensure that the virtualized resources are deployed and maintained effectively.