Make text-browsing a snap with 20 keyboard shortcuts for Lynx

Lynx is a GNU-licensed text-mode browser and is installed on most Linux distributions. We look under the hood to introduce you to 20 of the most useful Lynx keyboard shortcuts.

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Lynx is a full-featured text-mode browser, licensed as open source under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It is installed by default on most Linux systems and it is fairly popular among both Web developers and power users, mostly because of its speed and its ability to render even the most complex HTML pages in a readable form. It's also extremely keyboard-friendly -- almost everything in it can be controlled using keyboard shortcuts, many of which are undocumented and can be discovered only through experience.

We look under the hood to introduce you to 20 of the most useful Lynx keyboard shortcuts. The key combinations discussed (Table A) apply to Lynx v2.8.5, freely available from

Table A

Keyboard Shortcut

What It Does


Searches the page for a user-defined search string


Reloads current page


Re-renders the page, this time including a link for each image


Toggles between HTML source code and output


Prints or saves a file or page to disk


Requests uncached copy of page


Adds a new bookmark


Lists all URLs in the current document


Jumps to the beginning of the current page


Jumps to the end of the current page


Jumps to URLs using previously defined shortcuts


Jumps to home page


Spawns a command shell


Provides detailed information about the current URL and current link, including the owner, size, last modification date, and server type


Toggles trace mode for diagnosing HTML errors


Displays browser history


Displays sequential list of previously visited pages, excluding forms and bookmarks


Displays list of currently set cookies


Launches editor to modify local files


Displays help topics