There are actually two stories that got my attention today – and viewed together, they are the certainly fodder for lively water-cooler conversation: “Ready for a 20-inch laptop?” and “Oracle goes for girth.” 

Whoa, Nelly! Unless you’re traveling 1st class, don’t expect the 20-inch laptop to fit in an airplane seat. Of course, you may have a very nice stranger beside you who wouldn’t mind raising the seat divider and resting a few inches across his or her lap. Riiiiiiiiiiiight!!  Is this supersize laptop practical? Probably not. However, there are some people (you know the ones… they have to have the newest and the biggest everything) who will put the wide-screen laptop on their holiday shopping list: “to self.” If you hear someone bragging out having 20 inches, now you’ll know what they’re talking about.

Speaking of girth, Oracle’s going for it!  According to this news article, “Oracle is taking a two-prong approach to battling the competition, focusing on its Fusion Middleware and growing its presence in the niche applications arena that targets specific industries.” Oracle’s revenue growth in the past four years for middleware alone has achieved $853 million. In fact, the last three quarters posted the largest year-over-year gains. Now, THAT’S something to brag about!!