I’m not much of a convention-goer, but I finally found one that I absolutely don’t want to miss next year (since the one that’s being held this weekend is already sold out) – a female blogging convention called BlogHer. Check out this news story: “Blogging, her way.”

According to the article, BlogHer is “designed to encompass hands-on instruction and discussion of the technology behind blogging (RSS feeds, HTML, podcasts, digital photography), as well as subjects such as building blog traffic and making money with blogs.”

Anyone who blogs knows that it’s not just about the technology. “Blogs give women a deep sense of community… they give women the feeling that they are not alone, that they have a voice and that they have the support of readers from all over the world… blogs allow some women to attain professional and creative independence by being able to become experts on just about any kind of subject matter.”

As a single parent, one of the additional perks is that BlogHer “will provide free child care, an important thing given that many in attendance are so-called ‘mommy bloggers.'” BlogHer advisory board member Marnie Webb says, “So many of these conferences say they want to attract women, but there are no accommodations for that.” 

Yes, I am reserving my seat now for BlogHer 2007, because this is a conference that I don’t want to miss next year!