You can’t open a newspaper or go on a Web site these days without seeing an advertisement for a personal digital assistant (PDA). At work, they’re docked next to nearly every PC in your office.

During meetings, you see your colleagues jotting down notes on their PDA screens. And lately, you’ve become conscious of the time it takes to jot down addresses and contacts in your organizer.

But do you really need a PDA? And which one should you buy? Should you purchase one that runs on the Palm OS or the Windows CE platform?

In “Little PDAs keep users organized in a big way,” we talk to people who have made the switch from traditional organizers to PDAs. We also tell you about some of the newer PDA models.
Can’t live without your Visor? Married to your Palm III? Arm-in-arm with your Nino? Tell us which PDA you use and why it works for you by posting a comment below or sending us an e-mail. We’ll compile your answers and let other members know which PDA suits them.