The e-mail signature in Microsoft Exchange is difficult to manage. Users often make their own signatures, which may be in violation of company policy. This can include everything from improper use of logos, title misrepresentation, and even incorrect data. One way to manage this process is to put in server-side rules. Red Earth Software’s Policy Patrol 5 is one of the tools available for managing server-side e-mail signatures in Microsoft Exchange environments.

We’ve all seen e-mails that come from an organization where all the signatures look the same? That is a nice branding in my opinion. Among its other features, Policy Patrol has a rather advanced signature builder. It can drop in images, custom Active Directory fields, different behavior for new messages vs. replies, company logos, disclaimer text, and time-sensitive messages (such as a sale on the company Web site). Figure A shows a signature being built for a server-side configuration using Policy Patrol 5.
Figure A

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Policy Patrol, as well as other tools in this space, are generally priced by user count and then increase with the price per user decreasing as tiers are crossed. List price for Policy Patrol 5 for 1,000 mailboxes and one year of maintenance is $1,004, which is barely more than $1 per mailbox per year. This is a good value for the functionality provided.

What do you do?

How do you manage e-mail signatures and disclaimer text with Exchange? Share your feedback in the discussion.

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