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For admins who have a huge workload that
grows each day and the addition of more and more projects, having
an arsenal of quick, little shortcuts can make a huge difference in

To help ease the way, Microsoft has made a lot
of improvements to its management tools in Windows Server 2003.
More important, it continues to improve the features of existing

If you administer several Windows Server 2003
or Windows Server 2000 machines, or if you manage a WS2K3 network
filled with Windows XP machines, you should definitely become
familiar with the Remote Control Add-on for the Active Directory
Users And Computers utility. You can download the
Remote Control Add-on for Active Directory Users And Computers

from Microsoft’s Web site.

This add-on for the Active Directory Users And
Computers utility features an option that allows you to open a
Terminal Services connection to a target machine by right-clicking
the computer and choosing Remote Control.

After downloading the add-on, make sure that
you’ve installed the Remote Desktop Connection software on the
system on which you want to install the add-on.

Any target machines must meet certain

  • Windows 2000 servers must have Terminal
    Services installed in Remote Administration mode.
  • Windows Server 2003 servers and Windows XP
    Professional desktops must have Remote Desktop enabled.