According to a report on data center asset planning, up to 1 in 5 respondents say they have no disaster recovery plans — or say that they are unsure. The real state of preparation is probably poorer, based on anecdotal evidence of human complacencies. Interestingly, even from a post 9-11 era, only 27% are doing off-site backups.

The above diagram is from page 5 of the source report, published in March 2008.

Is there anyone specifically tasked to be in charge of disaster recover in your organization?

[Source: Data Centre Asset Management]


Quocirca is a research and analysis company that prides itself for being free from vendor bias. Its Web site notes that its reports are based purely on the analysis of the primary research it carries out by its team of analysts.

The report referenced for this blog post was derived from 301 interviews with senior IT influencers and decision makers and was completed in November and December 2007. Respondents come from the US, UK, and other European countries.