As the business-to-business e-commerce shakeout looms on the economic horizon, marketplace integrators are aiming to make their mark. Who are the market leaders? What should your company consider when selecting an integration partner? Do you look for a partner with ERP experience? Before these questions overwhelm you, take a look at what top analysts from the Framingham, MA-based IT consultancy Hurwitz Group have to say.

What’s the Hurwitz take on digital marketplace integrators?
William Martorelli, vice president of e-services and sourcing strategies, offers insight into the marketplace integration market, including what the big players, such as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Andersen Consulting (AC), and Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), are doing.

Martorelli discusses the moves that brick-and-mortar companies are making with their integration partners and how this bodes for the future of the digital marketplace integration market.

More on B2B marketplaces from Hurwitz
Hurwitz analysts also offer their take on several other digital marketplace integration issues, including SAP’s increased stake in Commerce One.

Analyst Sharon Chan provides insight on SAP’s investment in Commerce One and what the agreement means for the burgeoning e-procurement market.

SAP needs to bolster its presence in the digital marketplace space, and Commerce One must increase its access to the back-end market. SAP’s 16,000-plus install base will present more traditional ERP customers to Commerce One. In turn, SAP gains the prestige of a strong affiliation with a high-growth e-procurement vendor. However, both companies face steep competition from Ariba, which recently announced a relationship with i2, an established supply chain provider and B2B marketplace integrator.

Hurwitz offers insight into a variety of enterprise application areas
Hurwitz Group follows other key areas of enterprise applications, including vendor mergers, e-business intelligence, and the emerging role application service providers (ASPs) play in an organization’s IT infrastructure.

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