A recent report says that parents in India are discouraging marriages between their daughters and IT pros due to the gloomy economic forecast.


There are days when I come in and think that there couldn’t possibly be anything new under the sun as far as IT career goes. But then I have a day like today when I get my workforce.com newsletter in my inbox. This was the lead story:

IT Careers May Threaten Marriage Proposals

The mounting threat of global recession has some Indian brides-to-be and their parents rethinking marriage to software engineers and other information technology professionals. A report in the Malaysian Sun cites several examples of parents who say they would prefer that their daughters seek beaus who work in industries other than information technology. Some parents reportedly won’t even consider marriage proposals for their daughters that are offered by IT professionals, citing fears that an enduring recession would threaten the would-be couples’ livelihoods.

So now I’m confused. The folks in India are afraid of losing all their outsourcing contracts due to the poor economy, while IT pros in the U.S. are afraid the poor economy means that most of their jobs will be offshored? Whose perception is right here?

Let’s take a poll and see if we can get a snapshot of outsourcing plans.