Are you as obsessed with Marvel as some of us are here at TechRepublic and ZDNet? Are you counting down the minutes between the release of Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame? Do you own the very first Marvel Comic (which is worth a fortune by the way)? Are your children named after your favorite Marvel characters? Do you take the day off from work/school when Marvel releases a new movie?

No matter how big of a Marvel fan you might be – we want to see pictures of your Marvel fandom so we can showcase them on our site!

We are teaming up with CNET, GameSpot, TV Guide and our sister site ZDNet to discover just how big of a Marvel fan you really are by inviting you to submit pictures of your Marvel collection or your favorite Marvel possessions.

Just click here to submit them photos.


  • The photos. At least one photo of your Marvel collection. Feel free to include yourself in the photos if you wish. Images need to be in horizontal (landscape) format, and each photo should not exceed 3MB in size. The higher the resolution the better. You can submit up to four images (the more, the merrier).
  • The captions. For each photo you submit, write a sentence or two about your prized Marvel possessions and let us know what makes them special to you. We appreciate detail and would love to know everything we can about your gear.

Once you have submitted your photos don’t forget to tell us who your favorite Marvel character is and why in the comments section below!