Sometimes all that stands between an IT professional and a trip to the funny farm is a malfunctioning or temperamental video card. With the wide variety of video boards in use today, a number of installation and compatibility issues arise. Knowing how to solve them quickly can be the difference between a routine visit to a user’s workstation or a forced “relaxation.”

Eliminate display issues. Learn the ins and outs of video board installation, configuration, and troubleshooting with help from a Coriolis book chapter, which TechProGuild members can download here. The sample chapter, titled “Video Cards,” is an excerpt from Coriolis’ PC Technician Black Book.

Download the sample chapter. You’ll find valuable tips and solutions, as well as in-depth technical information governing video adapter use. All of these subjects are covered:

  • ·        Video card operation
  • ·        Video adapter standards
  • ·        Display board components
  • ·        Memory usage
  • ·        Video chipset and BIOS configurations
  • ·        3-D graphics

The sample download provides additional information on graphics acceleration, diagnostic procedures, troubleshooting, and more. You’ll also find tips on working with video card settings in Windows.

Don’t go crazy the next time video issues crop up in your organization. Find solutions and develop repair strategies by downloading the “Video Cards” sample chapter here.