Securing favored seating meant not only seeing everything large and up close on the big screens for the keynotes held daily during Adobe’s recent MAX conference in Las Vegas for Andrew Muller, it also meant that he was able to capture images of what’s in the pipeline for Adobe’s future releases.

Out and about at MAX, Andrew had an encounter of the Chumby kind managing to snap some exclusive shots of interesting hack friendly geek toy for Builder AU.


Duane Maxwell from Chumby Industries shows off a Chumby. Duane gave a stack of Chumbies away at a Mobile Devices “Birds of a Feather” at MAX with one going to an Aussie developer.

Chumby in action

It will be interesting to see what folk will do with the Chumby. Bundled with Flash Lite as the main method of UI, its makers Chumby Industries encourage both crafters and hackers to mod the device in any way that they see fit.

Al Ramadan, talking Chumby

Al Ramadan, Adobe’s senior vice president of the Mobile and Device Solutions, talks about the Chumby during his opening speech during the second day’s keynote at MAX.

Apollo video app, “Pimp My Ride” video feed

A sample Apollo app built by Adobe that aggregates Flash video feeds, plays them and with the right permissions can download the Flash video for future offline viewing.

Kevin Lynch’s profile, eBay Apollo application

An Apollo application commissioned by eBay and built by effectiveUI to explore how new technology like Apollo can be adapted to eBay’s business. This image is of the user profile part of the application.

Word processor Apollo app

Another example of Apollo application possibilities, a word processor authored in Flex is running here in Apollo with an example of editorial comments.

The worlds largest Flash enabled device, a Jaguar car

Day two of the conference’s keynote had a mobile theme and to highlight that the world’s largest Flash enabled device was produced, a current model Jaguar sports car that features a entertainment system built by Alpine with a Flash UI as standard. Here an address is being entered to search for driving directions in the navigation system, also Flash powered.

Kevin Lynch and John Warnock chatting via Adobe Acrobat Connect

Demonstrating the integration of Breeze, now Connect, into Acrobat Kevin Lynch chatted with Adobe founder John Warnock in San Diego.

Flash game running on Brew mobile phone

One of the big announcements for North Americans at MAX was that Verizon Wireless will be rolling out Flash Lite 2.1 for mobile phones running Brew – this makes Flash available for millions of mobile users in the US.

Breeze/Connect plugin working within Yahoo! Messenger

Making use of the Yahoo! Messenger API engineers from the Connect team demonstrated a Connect Meeting tool that allowed users to arrange a meeting in Connect straight from the IM client.

CSS trouble shoot in next version of Dreamweaver

Adobe are intending to address browser rendering issues in future versions of Dreamweaver, here we see an Internet Explorer specific CSS problem that’s been identified by a browser check.

Designing Flex app UI in Fireworks

Ideas like having Fireworks be able to design Flex interfaces with configureable components that could then export to MXML were some of the exciting things from the lab that Adobe showed off in their keynotes at MAX.