I need to take a second to send a shout out to member tundraroamer,

who sent me a great idea for Geek Trivia question yesterday. If I can

actually track down the answer to his question, it will probably be the

basis for the Oct. 5 edition of Geek Trivia.

Since I haven’t seen my inbox flooded with fan mail in a while, if

anybody else has a great notion for a Trivia topic, just click over to

my profile page and send me a private message. Those whose suggestions

actually make it into a Geek Trivia article will receive attribution in

the article, and maybe a small bit of TR swag, depending on what I can

scrounge up and the available shipping costs. (Note: This is not an

official TechRepublic contest, this is me looking for a cheap source of

ideas, which is the kind of thing that typically backfires. You’ve been