XML has evolved from an Internet buzzword to an accepted standard in a relatively short span of time. In fact, it celebrated its fifth birthday on Feb. 11, 2003. XML is a W3C-endorsed standard for document markup that can be used to add definitions to data. That is, the data is surrounded by markup that describes the data.

XML has captivated the development world and support continues to swell. Database vendors have scrambled to add XML support to their products. Microsoft has bet the house on the technology, making it the backbone of its .NET initiative and the next offering of its Microsoft Office suite. Developers can no longer ignore the XML buzz, and most have dabbled in it in one form or another.

You may have worked with XML and now consider yourself XML savvy. But do you really know everything about XML, or do you know just enough to get by? Take this Builder.com XML quiz and find out whether you should open your mouth during that next XML conversation or keep it closed until you’ve upgraded your skill set.

XML quiz

So take the quiz and then post your score below or tell us how you did.