Remember the entry I wrote recently on New MPAA site peddles illegal movie downloads and possible spyware?

Well, Media Defender, the company who registered the offending MiiVi site that offered the free (and illegal) movie downloads, has came on record as saying that the story was “completely made up.”

The Inquirer reports:

According to Ars Technica, Media Defender claimed the story has been blown far out of proportion and was started by sites like The Pirate Bay and TorrentFreak… the story was “completely made up.”

MediaDefender’s Randy Saaf said that it was certainly not an entrapment site, the MPAA was not involved, and they did not even know about it. It was also never meant to go “live.”

However, he was unable to offer a satisfactory response to why Media Defender immediately removed all contact information from the whois registry for the domain upon it being reported on the Internet.

My personal take on it? Lame as it might sound, I think that the claim that it was not supposed to be “live” might actually be true.

Just consider the above scenario for a moment. Media Defender could have set up Miivi as a proof of concept Web site. What it probably did not count on was someone stumbling upon the domain, checking out the site contents and domain information, and then putting two and two together.

Sigh…. They should have read Smile, you’re on Google and realized that nothing on the Net is secret or can be secret for long.

There you go. We did a poll on this earlier on, and it would appear that TR readers are actually a prudent lot where it comes to their privacy. Of the 95 members who took the poll so far, only 2% will furnish real information about themselves. 37% have no problems if it is a reputable site, and an astounding 29% will “never” give out any true information at all.