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Help desk analysts are a unique breed. Not only must IT support professionals thoroughly understand enterprise computing systems, they must also convey their technical expertise clearly and succinctly to end users. Above all, help desk professionals must possess top-notch customer-service skills and stay cool under fire.

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Of course, quickly and efficiently resolving users’ technology problems is a challenging and often thankless job. While you’re expected to manage a wide range of issues, from deploying new solutions to calming irate users, few resources exist to help you overcome not only technical hurdles, but interpersonal issues as well.

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  • Track reported problems and their outcomes.
  • Minimize support calls by teaching users basic skills.
  • Develop effective help desk policies and procedures.
  • Eliminate common Microsoft Windows and Office application issues.

This CD-ROM includes templates, checklists, tips, advice, and information that will help you maximize productivity, increase positive results, and support users with top-notch service skills. You’ll find ready-to-use templates, such as a hardware check-out/check-in form and reference tools that can help you develop the right end-user/IT support staff ratio.

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