Finally, the long-anticipated culmination of the Frag Doll competition transpired this week, and two contestants were added to the elite professional gaming group for women. If you haven’t heard about the Frag Dolls, check out the most recent news article: “Meet the new Frag Dolls.”

There were actually three different stories AND three different photo galleries that followed the audition process, and by the end of it all, I was ready to be done with the Frag Dolls… that, or create my own gallery.  Being a risk-taker, creative, and at times completely silly, I opted for the latter. I enrolled the help of my fellow female coworkers here at TechRepublic (I really couldn’t have done it without them), and then posted this gallery to the site. What you are about to see is a parody on the Frag Dolls, but it was created all in good fun. Without further adieu, here are the DEFRAG DOLLS….

Defrag dolls  

Click here to see the entire gallery.