The deadline for public companies to comply with Section 404
of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) is November 15. Many IT pros, however, are
still looking for answers to their compliance questions and have a need to know
what SOX means to their organization. Below are a number of invaluable
resources to use in finding those answers.

TechRepublic has published several articles over the past
year that address compliance issues specifically. Here are a few:

Steve Kenniston, Senior Strategist, Connected Corporation,
wrote “IT
faces regulatory requirements for electronic communications archiving”
a look at the regulatory landscape. He gives tips on how to build the
foundation for e-mail-related regulatory compliance.

Don’t forget about your peers!

If you have a compliance problem that is really tripping you
up, post a question in TechRepublic’s Technical Q&A. Click here to submit a
question or just to see what others are wondering about.

Ruby Bayan’s article, “Get IT Done: IT
pros must stay in compliance with e-mail retention laws”
, is based on
an interview with an internationally recognized authority on the legal,
compliance, and policy issues of information technology, electronic records,
and information management. She includes some recommended providers if you
decide to buy rather than build your records/information management solutions.

In “Document
retention: The IT manager’s changing role”
, Karen Ann Kidd covers the
steps you need to take to bring your company into compliance, including
benefits analysis, determining what needs to be archived, and setting up a
solid team.

Another article from Kidd, “Businesses
hope software can help them meet reporting requirements of the Patriot
, explains how one provision of the U.S. Patriot Act requires
financial services companies to develop improved capabilities to identify
customers and flag suspicious transactions. New software offerings may help
enterprises stay in compliance. Be sure to read the discussions following the
TechRepublic articles for valuable insight from your peers who are facing the
same compliance hurdles.

Bindview software offers several white papers, Webinars, and
data sheets that will help you gain more control in passing your Section 404
attestation. These include:

For any ongoing questions you may have, you might want to
pop over to the Sarbanes-Oxley
Act Forum