If developing code in open source languages and spending time with luminaries in the local developer community sounds like a good way to spend a few days off work, you should probably consider spending early December in Melbourne at the inaugural Open Source Developers Conference. (OSDC)

With organisers branding the event as a “grassroots-style conference” the three-day event will feature more than 60 talks, keynote addresses and a conference dinner.

Online registrations are currently open, with conference spokesperson Jacinta Richardson expecting roughly 300 delegates to attend from Australia and the surrounding region.

“This is a conference designed for developers by a group of enthusiastic developers — particularly for open source developers who often show a passion for development and their languages which exceeds that shown by closed source developers.”

While Richardson admitted the conference will not be as big as the popular linux.conf.au conference, which attracts high profile free and open source software developers, the OSDC conference will be more focused on programming and development tools on a range of platforms.

“The Linux Conf is much bigger than OSDC. It’s also, unsurprisingly very Linux-centric. OSDC is all about programming or development tools. There is a paper on embedded Linux, and a keynote on how open source can make you money, but they’re the exceptions.” Richardson said.

“One of the best things about OSDC is that we’re not restricted to a single operating system. The programming languages covered are available on many different operating systems including Windows, Linux, the BSDs, and many Unixes.”

The conference will take place on 1, 2 and 3 December in 2004 at Monash University in Melbourne.