Melodeo, a Seattle-based mobile media company, recently announced the launch of ‘nuTsie’, a service that lets users stream their iTunes’ playlists to their cell phones. The service operates by streaming songs to a mobile (via a downloadable client) from an online database of music titles, just like a Web radio station.

The upload of iTunes titles is only for the service to obtain metadata about the iTunes files you have. These titles are then streamed from nuTsie’s servers and relayed via a high-quality, low-bandwidth mobile streaming technology with an enhanced “radio rules” shuffle algorithm that ensures artists, record labels, and music publishers are paid for every use of a song. nuTsie is also the only non-Apple music service to play “Fair Play” music purchased by download from iTunes.

“nuTsie is part of the next generation of music services that will make listening to the stuff you like fun and easy while also taking care of the artists, labels and music publishers,” said Dave Dederer, Vice President of Music Content at Melodeo and a founding member of the GRAMMY-nominated, multi-platinum rock band The Presidents of the United States of America. “First and foremost, I’m a music lover, and nuTsie lets me take my music anywhere. But I’m also a songwriter, recording artist and record label owner, and nuTsie represents the first mobile music service where everybody wins.”

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The service delivers a business model that ensures that artists, record labels, and music publishers are paid for even music that is illegally obtained but streamed. The simple steps to access the service are:

1. Register and upload your iTunes library at

2. Download the nuTsie link that will be sent to your phone via SMS text message

3. Listen to your entire iTunes songs

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As of now, the beta version is free and Melodeo plans to start out the commercial service on a subscription basis. With content owners increasingly worried about piracy and copyright issues, nuTsie’s innovative streaming model seems to strike the right balance for both content producers and consumers alike. And yes, if you’re wondering why the name ‘nuTsie’, its ‘iTunes’ jumbled around!