Member Review: IT Professional's Guide to IT Policies and Procedures, Second Edition

Member Mary Bartash says TechRepublic's guide to IT policies and procedures is a time-saving resource and a great place to start when creating policies. Read her entire review here.

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Mary Bartash
July 2003
Technology Director
Nottingham School

The book/CD covers the topic well.
The book/CD helps solve common problems.
The book/CD is a good value.
The content matched my expertise level.
I will recommend this book/CD to colleagues.

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How well organized is the content, and how might the organization be improved?

Very easy to get a quick overview, search, and navigate. Good search index. Definitely a strength.

Which sections, items, and/or topics did you find most valuable and why?

I’m currently in a new position and doing inventory and reviewing policies, so those areas will benefit me most right now.

Which IT role (such as support professional, network administrator, IT manager, CIO, etc.) benefits most from this title and why?

IT manager and network admin (depending on the size of the company) could benefit most. Lots of management issues are discussed, such as dealing with employees in various situations, as well as assistance in organizing a department.

What information should be included or removed in the next version of the product?

Nothing should be removed that I saw—someone will be looking for whatever you happen to remove! Perhaps gearing more of the articles to smaller companies where there is less of a hierarchy of management would be beneficial.

How can IT professionals best use the product's content to better complete their daily responsibilities (give specific examples of useful articles or chapters)?

The forms provided for network inventory are perfect timing for me. I happen to be doing this right now. Any of the forms save time if they would have had to be designed from scratch—this applies even if the form has to be modified. No doubt there will be something on it that users of the form hadn’t thought of on their own.

Before beginning any revision or creation of a policy or procedure, the reference CD is a great place to start. This is for the same reasons as above: It’s a good time saver to get that base start and then revise or write to customize it to your own situation.

The management parts of the CD can be used by non-managers to assimilate ideas of what managers might expect employees to strive towards. It’s also a great learning tool for those striving to become managers.

Anyone in a new position (especially a small company) can use this CD to gather ideas for settling into the position and organizing the department.

It seems as though this CD would be more useful in particular situations versus day-to-day operations. Although I suppose creating a policy for daily use could be considered a daily operation.

Thanks for the opportunity to review this product. The CD will benefit me greatly, I’m sure.

Policies and procedures are an excellent defense against lost productivity, costly lawsuits, and unauthorized and improper systems use. Here's just one example of how an effective Internet usage policy could have helped one company avoid disruptive litigation.

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