Security issues always receive a high ranking when IT professionals discuss the industry. As we’ve covered this topic in articles on our site, it was obvious that a download directing IT executives to security resources on the Web was long overdue.

But security, as any CIO knows, is an ever-changing problem with multiple sides and various courses of action. So when our “Protect yourself with our list of security links” download went up, we expected to see feedback telling us about security sites that we did not include. And did we ever!

We’d like to share with you some of the security sites our members have suggested, with the hope that you’ll add your own two cents in at the end. Once the suggestions stop coming in to us, we’ll combine our download and your suggestions to create a new, updated “Super Security” download. Stay tuned for the updated version—and the end to your quest for security answers.

Members say…
TechRepublic member James Jankovich offered these three sites as his favorite security resources:

  • ·        Gibson Research Corp. offers an online test to help determine security flaws.
  • ·        Zone Labs offers free firewall software to individual users. The freeware, ZoneAlarm, monitors all of the activity on your computer, including each time an application tries to access the Internet.
  • ·        Trend Micro Inc. provides tools to detect blocked viruses, malicious code, and other Internet security threats. The site’s home page has a link that sends users to products designed for corporate use.

Steven Thompson, IT director for Boston-based Newman Communications, Inc., recommended Internet Security Systems, which specializes in network security management and features industry leaders such as Internet Scanner and SAFEsuite software.

Here are some of the links that TechRepublic member James King recommended:

  • ·        Securify offers its clients a network security assessment, a review of hardware software, architecture and designs, and deploys Public Key Infrastructure. It also establishes security policies and offers design services for applications, systems, and networks.
  • ·        Packet Storm, a division of Securify, provides news and free security services to users. Also included is a list of security resources.

Other TechRepublic members recommended Sans Institute online, a cooperative that provides security alerts and news updates, research, and other publications. The site is also putting together a security certification program, which is expected to begin this year.

Microsoft’s security page was also recommended. The page has a link to Microsoft security bulletins, as well as checklists and other evaluation guidelines for Microsoft products.
If you don’t see your favorite security link in our download or in the list above, help out your peers by letting us know about your security link of choice. You can post a comment below or send us an e-mail, and we’ll make sure to include your suggestion in the updated version of the download security links list.