If you ever think your comments aren’t important to us or can’t make a difference, think again! I wanted to bolster Support Republic’s UNIX material, so I was thrilled when Michael Hayes recently submitted his article “Download our UNIX command cheat sheets” and its associated download files. Once published, both the article and download were met with great enthusiasm—the download had over 7,000 retrievals its first week on the site. Pleased that Michael’s work had been so well received, I returned my focus to the next week’s articles. It was then, however, that a devoted TechRepublic member alerted me to an issue that I had curiously overlooked.
In Response offers a weekly roundup of feedback from TechRepublic members intended to help inform you and your peers about critical issues in the world of IT. This week, I want to demonstrate how we use your feedback to constantly improve TechRepublic. Here is an example of one member who made a difference and improved our UNIX command cheat sheets download.
Normally, our downloads are zipped for quicker transmission and to combine multiple files. Our zipped files are usually geared toward users running a Windows OS, and these zip files can easily be opened with WinZip, PKZIP, or any file decompression utility that can read the *.zip format. The UNIX command cheat sheets, however, were focused at users running UNIX, and some users working with gzip or gunzip were not able to extract the zip file. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to offer download files specifically formatted for UNIX file decompression software.

UNIX user can’t open command cheat sheets
Steven D. e-mailed me and alerted me to this problem:
“I downloaded the cheat sheets but I’m not sure I can unzip them. Obviously, I work on a UNIX system—that’s why I’m downloading them—but it seems that the two unzip programs recommended are both Windows only. We use gzip/gunzip here, which doesn’t recognize the suffix. So how should I unzip the cheat sheets on UNIX?”

UNIX command cheat sheets now available in both UNIX and Windows versions
To solve Steven’s problem and make the UNIX command cheat sheets more accessible to TechRepublic members, I have created two additional downloads. Each has been compressed using the UNIX gzip utility. The first file, unix_commands.pdf.gz, contains an Adobe Acrobat PDF copy of the UNIX command cheat sheets, and the second, unix_commands.rtf.gz, contains a rich text copy of the same document. Of course, the original unix_commands.zip file is still available and contains both Adobe Acrobat and Word documents.
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