No matter what your area of expertise, one task that a consultant cannot avoid is tracking billable hours. Although it’s a tedious task, there’s no arguing that the accuracy of time reporting can make or break your bottom line.

If you’re looking for a new solution to track your firm’s uptime, download our members’ suggestions.

Alternatives to traditional spreadsheets
Knowing what percentage of time your employees spend on various duties can help you analyze how effectively your time is spent, determine if you’re concentrating your business in the most profitable areas, and provide your customers with accurate account details for invoicing.

Unfortunately, manually calculating the figures is a nearly impossible task.

We asked the IT Consultant audience to share their time-tracking solutions. Many members said they use tried-and-true methods, including spreadsheets in Excel, Crystal Reports, or similar programs. Others have discovered alternative programs that help them efficiently track their time. Download the list of links and descriptions we compiled from our members’ recommendations now.

Tried-and-true for you?

If you’d like to stick with the straight spreadsheet method, download these two Excel spreadsheets to help keep track of billable time.