You didn’t like being in that Scout troop when you were 12-years-old—so why spend your valuable time to join any kind of organization now?

You might reconsider that line of thinking when you discover what IT associations offer their members. There are plenty of new reasons to consider becoming a member of a professional IT organization.

TechRepublic has compiled a list of some of the largest and best-known IT groups in the U.S. Download this resource document to read about a wide variety of associations. There are groups designed for certain job titles—such as consultants—and there are groups that accept IT pros only if they work for major U.S. corporations. While each organization has a different focus, they all share a common goal—to help IT professionals advance their careers.

What’s in it for me?
TechRepublic contributor Dawn Davis works for Xodiax, an Internet data services company. Davis said joining a professional organization, Women in Technology Institute, has allowed her to contact other IT pros about job-related questions. She said receiving advice from other members on the group’s listserve has proven to be a valuable resource.

“The really neat thing is they are willing to share. I’m in product development, and this person from Texas posted her whole template on a project rollout plan,” said Davis.

Other IT associations brag about the benefits of their job listings. If you are looking for a job and you hate “networking,” joining an association might be the answer you’ve been looking for. Or if you need to recruit experienced IT workers, one of these organizations will likely provide a place for you to post job openings and offer you the opportunity to meet potential job candidates.
TechRepublic updates downloads to keep information current. If you don’t see your group mentioned, post the information below or send us a note. Your input will help us expand this list in the months ahead.